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Congratulations on taking the first step in giving your kids a skill for life!

swimming lesson

Getting your children involved in water safety and swimming lessons is one of the key steps you can take to help make your children safer around the water.

Accredited learn to swim centres not only teach your children the skills associated with swimming, they also teach your children vital messages about water safety!

Having a good understanding of water safety and having survival and swimming skills are foundations for your children to participate in a wide range of aquatic activities throughout their life…. swimming, going to the beach, fishing, boating, diving, surfing, sailing… the options are many… but they all require knowledge and skills to do them safely…all of this starts with water safety swimming lessons.

Every year an average of 35 Australian kids aged 0-4 lose their lives to drowning. Hundreds more are admitted to hospital with around a quarter of those suffering brain injuries that will leave them with disabilities for life………..


Then use these links to help locate a Swim School near you

AUSTSWIM  – Swim School Locator – Find an Austswim Accredited learn to swim school near you.

SWIM AUSTRALIA – Swim School Locator – Find a Swim Australia Accredited learn to swim school near you

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