This section provides links or downloadable copies of research papers that the Samuel Morris Foundation refers to as part of its advocacy work and research papers, conference papers and articles produced by the Samuel Morris Foundation for various conferences.

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National Drowning Report 2011

National Drowning Report 2010

National Drowning Report 2009

National Drowning Report 2008

Trends in child deaths in NSW 1996-2005

Child Death Review Team Annual Report 2009

World Health Organisation – Report on Child Injury Prevention

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AIHW 2008 – Report on Deaths and Hospitalisations due to Drowning, Australia 1999-00 to 2003-04

NSW Water Safety Taskforce – Management of domestic swimming pools and compliance

Qld Injury Surveillance Unit -[download id=”9″]

Coroner McMahon – Findings of special inquest into 8 child drowning deaths

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